Pavel Příkaský

2019 Isotonic Song

Fotograf Gallery / Prague / with Miroslava Vecerova

Living matter – including flesh – is intelligent and self-organizing, but it so precisely because it is not disconnected from the rest of organic life. 

Rosi Braidotti​, Post-Anthropocentrism: Life beyond the Species 

Isotonic ​/iso·ton·ic/ (-ton´ik) 
1. denoting a solution in which body cells can be bathed without net flow of water across the semipermeable cellmembrane. 
2. denoting a solution having the same tonicity as another solution with which it is compared. 
3. maintaining uniform tonus. 

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers, 2007 

The Salt 
The salt in the small bowl looks up at me 
with all its little glittering eyes and says: 
I am the dry sea. 
Your blood tastes of me. 

Ursula K. LeGuin